Achieving Our Community’s Goals

This summer, U.S. News & World Report recognized the City of Falls Church as the third healthiest jurisdiction in America, reflecting such civic elements as education, public safety, and infrastructure. This achievement did not happen by accident—it is the result of hard work by citizen volunteers, taxpayers, our businesses and nonprofits, professional City staff, and elected officials. To support what we do well and address emerging issues with competence, dedication to founding principles, civility, and inclusiveness are our combined challenge and ultimate goal. We have done so effectively in the past and can do so now and into the future. In the General Election on November 2nd, I ask you, the voters, to continue to give me the opportunity to play a role in our future as a member of City Council—an honor you have previously afforded me.  

The pandemic and other events here and elsewhere remind us of the critical importance of local government in preventing and responding to emergencies and other extraordinary challenges. We have not always been right, but we have always done our level best to do right. At the same time, local government has the daily responsibility to create an inclusive and progressive environment that provides great schools, first-rate public safety services, inviting parks and library facilities, and reliable social services and transportation even as it supports businesses and historic and cultural resources. All this must be done while assuring value for each taxpayer dollar, and tax rates that are no higher than necessary. 

Working together, in the last four years, we in the independent City of Falls Church have accomplished much toward achieving every one of those goals. This critically important work is never done; it is ongoing and involves us all. Since 2017, we have built a new high school and moved forward on economic development to pay for that school; begun to resolve storm water and traffic calming issues; rebuilt the library, City Hall, and several parks; worked to address social equity concerns; helped individuals and businesses survive the pandemic; and reduced the tax rate. 

“I ask you, the voters, to continue to give me the opportunity to play a role in our future.”

~David F. Snyder

Falls Church is not an island. Recognizing this, our citizens and elected officials have long participated in regional groups. In this tradition, I have chaired the regional air quality committee that announced historic progress on clean air standards, and transportation groups that initiated new transit projects and technology and brought resources, such as bike share and a renovated W&OD Trail, home to Falls Church. I now chair the National Capital Region Emergency Preparedness Council, an umbrella group focused on our region’s collective preparedness for natural catastrophes and man-made threats.   

I fully realize that affordability is always an issue for our citizens. In response, if re-elected to City Council, I have and will continue to scour each budget, look for ways to support businesses, seek regional funding to help defray local costs, review our tax deferral program with the goal of improving it, attract more commercial tax revenue through neighborhood-friendly development, and achieve significant commercial development to offset the high-school project costs.

Finally, and perhaps most fundamental of all, is the need for us to work together to continue to achieve great things, even when we disagree. Falls Church is blessed with a citizenry of extraordinary talent and commitment. As a result, public debates are spirited, and different views are well and strongly advocated. In response, I will continue to listen to every view and perspective, and while I can’t promise agreement, I assure you I will search honestly and openly for the best results for our community.

You may reach me through this website and at I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your support.